Hillbilly Women - Appalachian History & Music - February 24th & 25th

Peter Pan the Musical - Youth Education Class - April 14th 2018

Treasure Island - April 28th & 29th,

May 5-6th 2018

Decision Height - Summer Project

Three Sisters in Black - The Story of the Christiansburg Black Sisters

Scrooge the Musical - December 2018



Registration FALL youth classes will open July 23rd. More information will be posted soon!

Teachers this season include AJ Moose, Harmony Faye Tripp-Kiser and Lincoln Sklar plus several amazing parent volunteer Super Heroes.

This season classes are MONDAY Nights. They will be held on stage at the Village Center, 2387 Warm Hearth Drive, Blacksburg VA. Opening Act classes will run from 6-7PM. Second Act classes will run from 7-8:30PM. Tuition is $150 with a $25 discount offered on a second student from the same family. 

Payment is due in full by/at the first class unless special arrangements have been made. Classes run for 10 weeks closing out with a class showcase. Class is open to students in grades K-12. Home school students are welcome.

Questions? Please call AJ Moose 540-239-2283.



(540) 585-4295

P. O. Box 6363 Christiansburg VA 24068 US

Decision Height - July 14-22 by Meredith Dayna Levy.


Virginia Hascall has left her home and fiancee to become a Women Airforce Service Pilot, and do her part to help defeat the Axis powers in the Second World War. Through triumph and tragedy, she and her sisters in flight suits learn as much about themselves as they do about airplanes. This is an historic docu drama set in the US during WWII. Running time 90 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.

Dates: July 14 & 21 at 7PM. July 15 & 22 at 3PM

Duration: 90 minutes with a 15-minute intermission

Cost: $10-12

Tickets available at the door or online https://squareup.com/store/NewRiverStage


Expect a challenge - Expect growth - Expect knowledge - Expect friends - and most importantly...Expect FUN!

The Challenges: New River Stage believes in loving and accepting everyone for who they are and where they are in terms of skill-set and general acting knowledge. What comes easily to one student may not come easily for another - and that is OK! While we appreciate the different levels of all students, it is also our job to make sure that no one stays complacent.  Students will be expected to study their lines, remember blocking instruction and practice at home the lessons learned in class. We strive to challenge all students in a healthy and fun environment to ensure that they learn and become the best that they can be!

The Growth:  Every year we are amazed at the variety of acting skills portrayed by the students in our classes.  We have several students that return each season, but also enjoy many new faces!  There are no standards of growth and we certainly don’t compare one student to the next.  Our goal is to see significant growth in every student from week one to the final performance.  Everyone grows in different directions and develops individualized skills. We are here to help foster that growth in the most effective way possible.

The Knowledge:
 Once we familiarize ourselves with each another and the play, we will then be able to break down the class into more specific lessons. Students will learn blocking, proper breathing techniques, line memorization skills, stage basics, costume design, character motivation and how to develop character nuances.  Time permitting, each class will have a different lesson focused on a variety of theatre subjects.

The Friends:  The week of class will be dedicated to getting to know each other.  It is imperative that everyone in class knows and respects one another.  The only way a theatre class/cast, (an ensemble), can function, is to work well together.   In the end, not only will we have produced a quality performance, but we will have produced long-lasting friendships.

The Fun:  Games, games, games!  We LOVE playing games!  However, these aren’t just any ordinary games, these are knowledge-based games designed to teach and develop skills.......all the while being, you guessed it, fun!  The games aren’t the only fun aspect of our class. Our students pride themselves in learning new things! They find fun in confronting a challenge and conquering it!